Lowell Health Insurance

Lowell Health Insurance

You can find Lowell health insurance easily if you have the right tools in hand. That’s why this article outlines what to expect when comparing health insurance coverage for those who live in Lowell, Massachusetts.

State law specifies that all adults must carry health insurance or pay the penalty on their state income taxes, but there’s more to know to find the best insurance companies in the city of Lowell.

Which health plans will comply with state regulations? If you can’t afford insurance, is there a federal penalty, too, on top of a state penalty?

It’s entirely understandable if you can’t find reliable answers to questions like these online. Without a doubt, there’s plenty to learn about health insurance in Massachusetts, but the following information will provide the background you need to make a wise purchasing decision.

How to choose the best Lowell health insurance

Choosing the right health plan always depends on how much you anticipate you’ll use the coverage. Usually, the bottom-line cost of the policy is the deciding factor, but if it’s not, you have a range of options to explore.

Massachusetts was among the first states in the country to expand access to affordable health insurance well before the passing of “Obamacare,” officially known as the Affordable Care Act. Still, you won’t need to pay the penalty on your state income taxes if you can’t afford the minimum amount of health insurance coverage.

The state expanded eligibility for Medicaid long ago and created an agency called the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) to pool the risk of insuring traditionally “hard-to-insure” populations. College students are a prime example of a group that typically falls through the cracks in other states without extensive health care laws.

Colleges and universities in Massachusetts require that their students carry health insurance, so they offer special packages to accommodate.

In the end, no one who lives in the state will be penalized for not being able to afford health insurance. That’s what’s truly unique about places like the city of Lowell. You have plenty of options at your disposal to find coverage, especially when it comes to GIC-approved insurance plans.

All you’re missing is a comprehensive online platform to compare rates side-by-side.

How does GIC-approved health insurance coverage help Lowell residents?

The fact of the matter is that insurance laws in Massachusetts are very intricate, to say the least. The situation is so complex that you may not even know about affordable GIC-approved plans unless you work for the state or a municipality.

There’s no mandate to purchase a specific brand of insurance in Massachusetts, so it’s usually a wise choice to try GIC plans first before shopping around for private insurers or turning to the federal health insurance marketplace for subsidized coverage.

Besides, Lowell employees have their choice of many health plans, including PPOs and HMOs, after only 60 days from their hiring date. Although for the coverage to kick in, they must choose which health insurance they want within ten days.

Indeed, the vast majority of city workers choose a GIC plan rather than pay more from a private insurer for equal protection.

When can you sign-up for GIC health insurance?

Once you have insurance, the best part is that you’ll have the opportunity to change your plan during certain times of the year, like programs on the federal marketplace. Generally, the annual enrollment period begins in the spring, so if you missed this year’s deadline, you’d need to wait until next year.

But it’s critical to point out that you can receive GIC coverage at any time once a municipality hires you. The annual period is mainly an opportunity to change your benefits and take advantage of cost savings.

Find health insurance in the city of Lowell at MassHealthPlans.com

If you live in Lowell, Massachusetts, you have an advantage over residents in other states because you have so many options at your fingertips. The health insurance market in the state is still robust, and there is no shortage of choices.

The challenge is finding a way to shop for rates without visiting websites one-by-one.

That’s why MassHealthPlans.com was created to give you a tool to sort through insurance policies side-by-side.

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