What You Need To Know About Short Term Health Insurance in Massachusetts Adequate health care coverage is a concern for most individuals and families throughout massachusetts. Thanks to a state health plan marketplace that was established in 2006 and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, more Bay Staters than ever qualify for health care coverage. Most plans are permanent and cover people in the long term, but what if you find yourself between plans? Does MA have options available for short term health insurance?
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What Is Short Term Health Insurance?

Short term health insurance is an insurance policy designed to provide coverage for an individual for a specified amount of time, usually lasting from a few months to a year. In many cases, people who may experience a lapse in coverage. People may benefit from a short term plan if they fall into one of these categories:

This type of insurance plan is limited in duration by design. It is not meant to be permanent coverage but to help with unexpected health issues when regular coverage is unavailable for some reason. Not every state offers short term health insurance options. While a short term plan has certain advantages when you are waiting to get on a more permanent policy, there are also a few things to watch out for:

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Not every state offers short term health insurance options. It is important to check your state’s regulations to see what kind of insurance plans are available. Massachusetts is one of these unique states.

Are Short Term Health Insurance Plans Available in MA?

Massachusetts happens to be one of those states that does not have provisions for short term health plans. This is due to the regulations regarding health plans and that MA is a guaranteed-issue state. This means that anyone who applies for health insurance cannot be denied coverage because of medical history.

As of 2018, states have the option to implement stricter regulations than what federal rules allow, and Massachusetts chooses to do so. Because of state regulations, there are no insurers that currently offer short term health plans in MA. However, it is still possible to get onto another type of health plan if you are in need of coverage.


Can You Buy Affordable Health Insurance in MA?

Although you may not be able to find a short term insurance plan in MA, you can still find plenty of options for health coverage. Since 2006, the state has its very own marketplace, Massachusetts Health Connector, for anyone in need of coverage, and there are even subsidies available based on household income. Subsidies can help cut the costs of monthly premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.

With MassHealthPlans.com, you can ACA or "Obamacare" plans as well as non-government plans available through brokers and providers throughout the state. There are many options available based on employment status, household income and other factors.

An individual mandate is when each adult resident is required to have health care coverage. Massachusetts has standards of minimum creditable coverage, also referred to as MCC. Residents of the state who are 18 years old and above may face a tax penalty of up to 50% of the least expensive premium available from the state's health insurance marketplace if they do not have coverage. For this reason, if you are or will be a resident of the state, you will be required to have some sort of health care coverage or pay the penalty tax.

When the ACA, also referred to as "Obamacare," was first implemented, there was also a federal mandate for health insurance coverage. This mandate expired in 2019 and is no longer in effect.

If you have ever been rejected for medical coverage before, you might be apprehensive about applying because of your medical history. The great thing about MA health plans is that the state says you cannot be denied coverage just because of your medical history.

If you plan to search for a policy through the federal government's website, you may need to wait for the Open Enrollment or Special Enrollment period. You can search for state plans with us at any time and may be able to get coverage sooner if you need it. The best part is that we can tailor your plans to meet your specific needs.

Small businesses in MA are those with fewer than 50 full-time employees. These small businesses are not obligated to offer health insurance benefits to their employees. However, businesses with more than 50 full-time employees are required to offer health insurance options.

You may qualify for credits or subsidies if you are self-employed. As you search for plans through brokers and providers, you may need to provide some information on the nature of your employment to see if you qualify.

Where Can You Find Insurance Plans for You?

At MassHealthPlans.com, we make it easy to find the right price for your needs. With just a little bit of information, you can see potential health plan options from top carriers and brokers around the state. Our compare feature also allows you to line up one plan to another and see where the differences are.

Where Can You Get Started?

All of the information you need for custom health care plans can be found in one place. Let MassHealthPlans.com guide you on the path to finding the right coverage for your needs. Although short term plans are not available in the state of Massachusetts, we can connect you with brokers and providers to quickly find an option that meets your needs and gets you back onto a policy as soon as possible.